Featured Project: Path of the Panther

Through impactful storytelling, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society and a network of partners, Path of the Panther works to inspire the conservation of the Florida Wildlife Corridor – the land of the Florida Panther needs to survive.


In The News

National Geographic Magazine article: "Florida enacts sweeping law to protect its wildlife corridors."

On a Mission to Keep Florida Wild

We work to inspire the appreciation and protection of Florida’s land, water, wildlife, and people.


Why Florida

Florida’s booming population growth and sprawling development have converted and fragmented many natural areas across the state. If we do nothing, Florida could lose an additional 5 million acres of rural and natural lands to urban uses within the next 50 years.

Watercolor Map by Lisa Baylor

"We believe that storytelling has the power to help steer Florida to a future where both people and nature thrive."

Carlton Ward JrPhotographer

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